Services We Offer

One Sunray Away

Consider powering your business’ office, home, commercial building or a manufacturing plant as an investment in the future. Through becoming self sufficient in power usage, the returns you would receive is a huge cut on your monthly energy bill


An electrical installation is a group of items of electrical equipment that are permanently electrically connected together and can be supplied with electricity from the works of an electricity entity or from a generating source.

  • Electrical house installations (new & existing)
  • COC’s - certificate of compliance
  • Repairs & Maintenance

Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable energy is energy produced from sources like the sun and wind that are naturally replenished and do not run out. Renewable energy can be used for electricity generation, space and water heating and cooling, and transportation.

  • inverters, battery backup & solar installations
  • Solar Geysers

Other Services

  • Water tanks & pumps
  • Home automation